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Proud members of NARPS.

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"Billy has been walking Mylo for a few years now, He has always provided a safe, realiable and flexible service even with little to no notice. Mylo is a happy doggy and I am a happy mummy knowing he's in safe hands whilst running off all his energy! I would definitely recommend this service,

Thanks Billy!" - Vikki

"I would have to say the training  session was great as it has given us plenty to master, but in what I call with my training background digestable chunks.  Having peviously gone to puppy training classes we learnt more in one session with Billy than in 6 weeks at classes.  Martin also found Billy's style easy to understand, as it has all suddenly clicked for him and he is really now starting to master Milly, where as before he would just get frustrated and give up.

We'd like to perhaps spend a couple of months ensuring we have mastered all that we have learnt and then to spend some more time with Billy ironing out any areas for concern - not sure what they will be yet!

Really glad I found Billy on my internet search!"

Kirsty and Martin

"Billy has been walking my dogs, Stan and Molly, for six years now and I am very happy with the service Affectionately Paws provide.  They are always flexible and able to accommodate changes to my work pattern, often at the last minute, without fuss or complaint.  Billy is also quick to respond to my texts which is much appreciated. Based on my experience, I would not hesitate to recommend Affectionately Paws to other dog owners looking for a friendly, reliable service."


"Billy has been walking our dog Dylan for four years now and we are incredibly grateful for his loyal and realiable service.

Billy is more of a friend to Dylan and us then anything as the level of care and attention he gives Dylan has been incredible.

We would whole heartedly recommend Billy as a professional realiable and conscientious service.

He is flexible, he has gone over and above requirments and he always pays paticular attention to Dylans health and lets us know if there is ever a problem.

It is a pleasure both knowing and dealing with Billy."

Matt, Heidi and Dylan. x  


Hi, we are Milo & Rufus...

Billy takes us for a walk 2 or 3 times a week, when our mummy can't get home to do it.

He takes us in his car to a field where he lets us run off our leads (after we learned to listen to him)... & mummy is happy because he dries us off when we get home, so we are a bit cleaner after our run.

Mummy says Billy is very flexible, and if mummy leaves us a kong, Billy gives us them after topping up our water bowls.

We like our time with Billy, and I'm sure your doggy would too.


Milo & Rufus (Beth Henson)

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"Billy came and rescued us when our Dog Walker had to give up due to family illness. He worked on our Great Dane to improve his general behaviour and made significant inroads before he had to give up when we moved house away from the area he covered. He is calm and professional in his approach to large dogs which is such a relief to find in a climate of frequent prejudice against these gentle giants.

Our dog really responded excellently to Billy’s training and we are very grateful for the work Billy did with him"

Kind Regards


Affectionatley Paws

"Billy has been walking Brook our faithful black Labrador for the last 8 years. Billy has proved a reliable and trustworthy person who responds quickly to any changes of rota or extra requirements without hesitation. He clearly cares for Brook and consequently has no hesitation in going with him for her walk. We have no problem in recommending Billy and Emma to any of our friends or family as a reliable dog walker."

Tricia Ray and Brook

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