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...for treats and rewards

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Proud members of NARPS.

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Here is a summary of our dog care services that are currently available, click on the link to take you to more detailed information about each one.

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•Dog walking Adventures

•Variety of different walks

•Woodland walks

•Scenic countryside

•Summer swimming

•Safe & stress free

•Regular exercise


•Quality care & attention

•Small walking groups

•Lead free time

•Flexible service

•Behaviour Modification

•Successful long term solutions

•30 years experience

•Positive and proactive methods

•On going support

•Establish proactive rules and boundaries

•Essential  Foundation building blocks

•Helping puppy grow with your family

•Help to develop a well rounded puppy

•On going sessions up to 6 months

If you have a requirement for your dog that you don't see listed here, please don't hesitate to contact us as we may still be able to accomodate your needs.


"A dog reaches for your

hand and leaves

a paw print

on your heart"

"I would not hesitate to recommend Affectionately Paws to other dog owners looking for a friendly, reliable service."


•Experienced Trainer

•Passionate in ensuring successful results

•Covering Loose lead walking,

•Walking to heel,

•Walking off lead,





•Jumping up,


•Sit and Wait,

•Toilet training

and many more 

more... more... more... more... more...

•Individual 1-2-1  Attention

•Skilled knowledgeable handler

•Quiet  stress free walks

•Confidence building


  • Puppy or Older dog.

  • Rescue dog (suitability).

  • Which breed best suits your individual requirements?

  • Large breed or small breed?

  • Breed related potential predisposed genetic conditions?

  • Grooming requirements?

  • Questions that you should ask a breeder.

  • Questions that should be asked if you consider a rescue dog.

  • Viewing the puppies parents and assessing their behaviour.

  • How to pick a suitable puppy.

  • Puppy advice sheet

  • First night at home support.

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