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Proud members of NARPS.

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This consultation is designed for owners wishing to have professional support and guidance when selecting the right dog for their home and lifestyle.


The help choosing the right puppy dog service is a pre puppy/dog consultation. Helping advise owners on potentially the most suitable breed and puppy for their lifestyle requirements.


Choosing the right puppy in a litter can be highly beneficial for both owner and puppy. Ensuring that behaviour problems from choosing an unsuitable companion are avoided.




















We can provide assistance on decisions such as:-


Puppy or Older dog.

Rescue dog (suitability).

Which breed best suits your individual requirements?

Large breed or small breed?

Breed related potential predisposed genetic conditions?

Grooming requirements?

Questions that you should ask a breeder.

Questions that should be asked if you consider a rescue dog.

Viewing the puppies parents and assessing their behaviour.

How to pick a suitable puppy.

Puppy advice sheet

First night at home support.


Billy is also available to view a litter/dog and assess their suitability for your lifestyle. (Please see prices)


Areas we cover Hook, Hartley Wintney, Winchfield ,Odiham, Greywell, North Warnborough, South Warnborough, Mattingley, Hound Green, Rotherwick and Newnham, Basingstoke, Chineham, Sherfield on loddon, Yateley, Eversley, Swallowfield, Mortimer and surrounding areas.

Help Choosing the right puppy or dog for you

"Every once in a while a dog enters your life and changes everything"

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